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Marathon Climate Talks Inch Ball Forward While Climate Change Barrels Ahead

Written by Duncan Marsh on . Posted in COP17, The Wonk Room

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DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA — After negotiations that lasted into overtime by an extra day and night, governments from 194 countries meeting at the UN climate conference in Durban, South Africa have agreed to extend the Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon emissions. They also established a pathway that should lead to a more ambitious global framework for reducing emissions, and have opened the Green Climate Fund to assist developing countries’ efforts to address climate change.

“These agreements are important steps forward for global cooperation, yet it is clear that the outcomes in Durban fall well short of meeting the urgency of the climate challenge,” said Duncan Marsh, international climate policy director at The Nature Conservancy.

Delegates Deadlocked in Durban: United Nations Climate Talks Head into Overtime

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The closing hour for the COP 17 climate change summit has come and gone, but the parties have agreed to keep negotiating on Saturday morning (that’s around 2 am Eastern Standard Time in the U.S.) Media reports were somewhat encouraging Thursday in that the U.S. and some other nations appeared to be signaling increased flexibility […]

Symbols of Change, Hope and Natural Solutions on Display at Durban Climate Conference

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Much of the media attention has focused on the high-level talks in closed-door meetings at the United Nations climate summit, but these annual conventions also serve to mobilize people, enabling networking, the exchange of creative ideas, and the search for symbols to inspire the challenging work that lies ahead for all nations in response to climate change.

Cool COP Morning: Nations Talk Climate in Durban, South Africa

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Delegates are arriving in Durban, South Africa, as another United Nations climate change conference gets underway, amid sobering science reports, calls to “occupy” the talks, pleas from the Pope, and even deadly floods in the host province.

Based on the history of negotiations, expectations in the media are admittedly rather low for this 17th Conference of the Parties – or COP as it’s known – of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. But the urgent need for concrete progress on the world’s shared climate problem is spurring representatives from more than 190 countries to meet for the next two weeks to seek some kind of agreement to limit the world’s collective carbon pollution from the burning of fossil fuels and clearing of forests.

How in the World Are We Going to Pay to Clean Up the … World?

Written by Matt Barrett on . Posted in Learn

This past week, country delegates met in Bangkok, Thailand for 2011’s first round of United Nations-sponsored climate negotiations, which will culminate with the big annual conference — this year in Durban, South Africa — in December. In Bangkok, the focus has been on how to move forward after last year’s conference in Cancún, Mexico. Key […]

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