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Chasing Carbon: A Conservancy Family Prepares to Spend Summer in Southern Mexico

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IMG_0929 Ellis kids

What does their dad do when he flies to Indonesia, Brazil or Mexico for work? The Ellis kids are about to find out! Follow along as they follow their father, Peter Ellis, a forest carbon scientist for The Nature Conservancy, to Mexico for the summer. Planet Change will track the Ellis family’s adventures — starting today, as mom Jes Ellis gets ready for the trip.

Averting “Natural” Disaster in Our Forests

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800px-San_jose_antigua_guatemala_cathedral_2009_chensiyuan Wikimedia Commons

A mountain stream’s gurgling and the soft voice of Kao Sisompou, a village forester from Lao People’s Democratic Republic, reverberated off the 300-year-old stone walls of the San Jose ruins. I was seated in the middle of a long nave in what had once been a majestic Spanish church in Antigua, Guatemala, and I reflected on the juxtaposition of setting and the speech’s subject. In a church that had been saved from destruction, I was party to a discussion of the world’s disappearing forests, which are in bad need of rescue.

COP 17 Resources

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The annual United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP) Climate Change Conference, COP17 for short, is taking place this week (Nov 28) and next (week of Dec 5) in Durban, South Africa. Check out the official COP17 web site here: The Nature Conservancy is at COP17 to demonstrate how natural solutions can help fight […]

Marathon Climate Talks Inch Ball Forward While Climate Change Barrels Ahead

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a_huddle gets deal done_IMG_3285

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA — After negotiations that lasted into overtime by an extra day and night, governments from 194 countries meeting at the UN climate conference in Durban, South Africa have agreed to extend the Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon emissions. They also established a pathway that should lead to a more ambitious global framework for reducing emissions, and have opened the Green Climate Fund to assist developing countries’ efforts to address climate change.

“These agreements are important steps forward for global cooperation, yet it is clear that the outcomes in Durban fall well short of meeting the urgency of the climate challenge,” said Duncan Marsh, international climate policy director at The Nature Conservancy.

Delegates Deadlocked in Durban: United Nations Climate Talks Head into Overtime

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COP 17 logo in landscaping Durban_Paul Mackie

The closing hour for the COP 17 climate change summit has come and gone, but the parties have agreed to keep negotiating on Saturday morning (that’s around 2 am Eastern Standard Time in the U.S.) Media reports were somewhat encouraging Thursday in that the U.S. and some other nations appeared to be signaling increased flexibility […]

REDD Grows Up

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goodall at ADP event

When I grow up, I want to be Jane Goodall.

Dr. Goodall’s time spent in the forests of Africa mean that she not only understands the intrinsic value and beauty of the forests themselves, she also deeply understands the interconnection of people and forests.

Yesterday, while addressing a crowd of hundreds at the Avoided Deforestation Partners event in COP-17 in Durban, she laid it out quite simply, as she recounted her return to Lake Tanganyika where poverty has fueled the deforestation that destroyed the once lush forests that surrounded the lake: “we can’t save the forests if we can’t save the people.”

What the World Needs from the Climate Talks in Durban

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As governments gather in Durban, South Africa this week for the annual U.N. climate negotiations – which run through December 9 – they will face the essential business of advancing the Cancun Agreements of last December.

Cancun reached some important breakthroughs on climate finance, technology, adaptation, and protecting forests, but left many of the finer details to be worked out. This has all been happening throughout the past year, and is indeed important work, even if it does not yet reflect the ambition needed to keep our global temperature from increasing beyond 2 degrees Celsius – a dangerous threshold for climate impacts.

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