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Averting “Natural” Disaster in Our Forests

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800px-San_jose_antigua_guatemala_cathedral_2009_chensiyuan Wikimedia Commons

A mountain stream’s gurgling and the soft voice of Kao Sisompou, a village forester from Lao People’s Democratic Republic, reverberated off the 300-year-old stone walls of the San Jose ruins. I was seated in the middle of a long nave in what had once been a majestic Spanish church in Antigua, Guatemala, and I reflected on the juxtaposition of setting and the speech’s subject. In a church that had been saved from destruction, I was party to a discussion of the world’s disappearing forests, which are in bad need of rescue.

“Year of Forests” Ends With Progress on Illegal Logging

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Forests have come to stand as a near-universal symbol for nature and the environmental movement.

But in the environmental context, green really means one thing: forests. Forests have come to stand as a near-universal symbol for nature and the environmental movement. They even speak to the increasing percentage of the global population that lives in cities, who are far more dependent on forests than they perhaps realize.

This connection — between people and forests — underpins the second Asia Pacific Forestry Week that took place from Nov. 7-11 in Beijing (and is also the theme of the 2011 UN-declared International Year of Forests).

Voices from the Climate Change Meetings in Bangkok

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Country delegates met the first week in April in Bangkok, Thailand for 2011’s first round of United Nations-sponsored climate negotiations. During the meetings, The Nature Conservancy caught up with a few individuals from different parts of the world, including conducting a short interview with one of the most respected voices in the international climate change policy community, Indonesia’s Agus Pornomo.

Despite Lack of Climate Progress, Leaders Seeing Forests for the Trees

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Despite the current lack of a promising global climate change policy solution, there is at least one bright spot: an expanding global conservation and development effort to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation that could address 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions — more than all the world’s trains, planes and cars.

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