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Despite Lack of Climate Progress, Leaders Seeing Forests for the Trees

Written by Greg Fishbein on . Posted in Learn, The Wonk Room


Despite the current lack of a promising global climate change policy solution, there is at least one bright spot: an expanding global conservation and development effort to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation that could address 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions — more than all the world’s trains, planes and cars.

An Amazon Forest Adventure, Part III: ‘The Trees are for Our Grandchildren’

Written by Rane Cortez on . Posted in Learn

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This blog entry is the final entry in a three-part series by Rane Cortez, a forest carbon development adviser at The Nature Conservancy. The series highlights Rane’s recent 10-day trip into São Félix do Xingu, a large municipality in the heart of the Amazon in northern Brazil. She is working with local communities and experts […]

Mexico Diary: Living with the Forest

Written by Lisa Hayden on . Posted in Learn


Our trusty rental 4WD jeep navigated a pock-marked road into the ejido conservation forest, where a chorus of insects provided background music. We learned about the carpentry shop the ejidatarios built, and with grant funding, are outfitting with saws and tools in order to process and sell their wood products for a higher price.

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