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Stars in the Amazon

Written by Rane Cortez on . Posted in Learn

Sunset where the Xingu and Fresco Rivers meet.

In her 7th post from the front lines of Amazon deforestation, Rane Cortez witnesses a landmark moment for São Felix when indigenous groups join together with government agencies to achieve zero illegal deforestation.

Drought Claims Half a Billion Trees in Texas

Written by Stephanie Hedean on . Posted in Extreme weather


The state of Texas lost 5.6 million urban trees and as many as 500 million forest trees in the drought that’s been plaguing the state since last year, according to a Texas Forest Research study released last week. With these kinds of numbers we’re looking at a loss of about 10 percent of the city trees and 10 percent of the forest trees in the entire state.

“Year of Forests” Ends With Progress on Illegal Logging

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Forests have come to stand as a near-universal symbol for nature and the environmental movement.

But in the environmental context, green really means one thing: forests. Forests have come to stand as a near-universal symbol for nature and the environmental movement. They even speak to the increasing percentage of the global population that lives in cities, who are far more dependent on forests than they perhaps realize.

This connection — between people and forests — underpins the second Asia Pacific Forestry Week that took place from Nov. 7-11 in Beijing (and is also the theme of the 2011 UN-declared International Year of Forests).

Movie Highlights American Entrepreneurialism Around Carbon Pollution

Written by Evan Girvetz on . Posted in Learn

I was lucky enough to recently attend a Boeing-hosted pre-screening of the movie Carbon Nation. Overall, I think the movie is fantastic (it is worth at least checking out the trailer above). The movie mostly focuses on what positive innovations people are finding to reduce our overload of carbon pollution. Stories are included on wind, solar, algae fuel, geothermal, coal vs. trees, forest carbon, grassland carbon farming, energy efficiency, Department of Defense energy efficiency, green building, building green retrofit, and more.

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