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The Pleasure of Local Fruits in Winter

Written by Sarene Marshall on . Posted in Act


Unfortunately for me and people that share my seasonal obsessions, while soup and chili are comforting traditions, winter is a downtime for fresh fruit. But I have found a way to relive the memories of fun family outings for fresh-picked fruit by having them make an encore in my holiday plans.

Want to Eat Local and Reduce Carbon Pollution? Start a Front Yard Food Garden

Written by Scott Belan on . Posted in Act

Creating a kitchen garden is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only do you avoid the carbon emissions of shipped food (or even driving to the store), you also replace lawn (that must be mowed, usually by a gas-powered mower) with food. But the real payoff is that first salad of the season or that perfectly ripe tomato, still warm from the sun.

2010: The Year in Weird Weather

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Setting aside the controversy and politics of climate change for a moment, we can all agree it’s been a wacky year in weather. Personally, I’ve seen my 5-year-old melting on the soccer field as the mercury climbed to a record high of 93 degrees on September 25th in Washington DC.

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