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Chocolate: A Sweet Solution to Tropical Deforestation?

Written by Rane Cortez on . Posted in Learn


When I think about chocolate, in addition to thinking about brownies, I think about saving rainforests and fighting carbon pollution. This week I sat down to talk with leaders of a local agricultural cooperative in São Felix do Xingu, here in the Brazilian Amazon, that helps its members plant cacao – the fruit that eventually becomes the delicious treat we all crave.

U.S. Disaster Early-Warning Systems in Danger of Congressional Budget Cuts

Written by Tom Fry on . Posted in Act, The Wonk Room

Elderly people look at the extensive dam

As hard Congressional decisions continue to unfold for budget cuts across domestic and international programs, it seems like at least one proposed reduction should be off the table: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s early-warning systems. Early-warning systems like those managed by NOAA unquestionably save lives. Yet Congress wants to cut money from our country’s ability to keep abreast of changing natural conditions that have the power to send our highly developed society reeling from disruptive and extreme disasters.

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