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In the News: March 28

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In the News is a Planet Change selection of news, stories and images on topics relating to climate change, nature, our environment and the impacts of a changing planet.

Here’s a peak at a few of the items on our radar this week — 10 global green cities; before and after drought images from space; the growing link between weather extremes and warming; and, a hypnotic video from NASA on our Perpetual Oceans. Continue reading for the complete list…

Drought Claims Half a Billion Trees in Texas

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The state of Texas lost 5.6 million urban trees and as many as 500 million forest trees in the drought that’s been plaguing the state since last year, according to a Texas Forest Research study released last week. With these kinds of numbers we’re looking at a loss of about 10 percent of the city trees and 10 percent of the forest trees in the entire state.

Blizzards, Droughts, Floods and Fires: Wild Weather Tops 2011 Highlight Reel

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As 2011 comes to a close, no year-in-review retrospective would be complete without noting the many wild and memorable weather events of the past 12 months. A dozen disasters totaled more than $1 billion in damages each this year, setting a record. You can watch the CBS News interview with Conservancy Lead Scientist M. Sanjayan about the year’s remarkable weather in this post.

Climate Extremes: the Time to Respond is Now

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When it comes to thinking about preparedness and response to our changing planet, we’re urging the world to follow our lead.

Today, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its new report looking at the relationship of climate change to extreme weather and outlining strategies for addressing these impacts.

The report confirms the fact that climate change is like steroids for many extreme weather-related events like drought, floods, wildfire, heat waves and rain. Think of many of the events we’ve seen in this intense and wacky year of weather as a trailer for the climate change feature film. This is not a movie we want to see.

Is 2011’s Crazy Year in Weather Our “New Normal”?

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Climate change is helping to make extreme and wacky weather events part of a new “normal” that we need to be prepared for as best we can.

Last Saturday evening while walking to the variety show at my son’s college, snow began to fall, mixing with the puddles from the day’s rain and clinging to boots and the hems of jeans. Two hours later the world had changed. The streets of Waltham, Massachusetts were nearly impassable—not due to the few inches of snow that had accumulated, but to the branches and even whole trees that had bent and fallen into the roads.

Forest Thinning in Arizona Wildfires Likely Saved Many Homes and Dollars

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In the heat of the recent Wallow Fire, now Arizona’s largest fire on record, Sue Sitko, The Nature Conservancy’s Northern Arizona Conservation Manager, was granted access to visit some local towns that were directly threatened by the fire. Much of the forested area around these towns had been thinned as part of the White Mountain […]

Want to Eat Local and Reduce Carbon Pollution? Start a Front Yard Food Garden

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Creating a kitchen garden is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only do you avoid the carbon emissions of shipped food (or even driving to the store), you also replace lawn (that must be mowed, usually by a gas-powered mower) with food. But the real payoff is that first salad of the season or that perfectly ripe tomato, still warm from the sun.

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