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Climate Change News: What’s Interesting This Week

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Great Barrier Reef Coral

In the News is a Planet Change selection of the latest news on climate change, nature, our environment and the impacts of a changing planet. Continue reading to delve into all that we find interesting this week and to count down the top 20 cities with billions at risk from climate change (in U.S. #19 Virginia Beach, #12 New Orleans, #3 New York City and Newark and #1 Miami).

Study: People’s Carbon Pollution Not Only Changing the Atmosphere But Also the Oceans

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Coral gardens in reef pool, Palmyra Atoll.

A Nature Conservancy marine scientist has co-authored a new study that isolates the effects of human-generated carbon pollution from seasonal and regional variations in ocean chemistry. The findings indicate that the oceans are rapidly becoming more acidic, and in some regions, the man-made rate of change since the Industrial Revolution is 100 times greater than the natural variations since the last ice age.

Coral Reefs Reaching 11th Hour As They Degrade Worldwide

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The severe degrading of our planet’s coral reefs is an issue that needs to be quickly taken seriously, or one of the wonders that make our lives so beautiful will be gone forever. Recently in DC, the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force held its annual meeting and the “Reefs at Risk Revisited” report was launched at the National Press Club, bringing more attention to the issue.

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