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Just 20 Inches Could Make a Disastrous Difference

Written by Robert Lalasz on . Posted in Learn

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A new study in the journal Natural Hazards co-authored by Conservancy fellow Christine Shepard (left) takes a look at how people and property on the southern shores of Long Island might be affected with an increase in sea levels about as high as an English Springer Spaniel is tall. This scenario suggests 73 percent more property losses from a mid-sized hurricane — and this is a conservative estimate of what may lie ahead. Damages per property rises with the depth of water, but mapping future sea levels can help people to prepare.

California Coastal Development Commission Considers Rising Seas

Written by Anne Wallach Thomas on . Posted in Learn, The Wonk Room

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San Francisco Bay region’s first look at sea level rise offers lessons for bringing people together to look ahead.

The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission recently released a new report and adopted a revised land use plan, making a great topic for my new column, focusing on preparation and safety from climate risks, here at Planet Change. So, I’ve asked Sarah Newkirk, director of Coastal Conservation at The Nature Conservancy in California, some questions about it.

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