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Study: People’s Carbon Pollution Not Only Changing the Atmosphere But Also the Oceans

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Coral gardens in reef pool, Palmyra Atoll.

A Nature Conservancy marine scientist has co-authored a new study that isolates the effects of human-generated carbon pollution from seasonal and regional variations in ocean chemistry. The findings indicate that the oceans are rapidly becoming more acidic, and in some regions, the man-made rate of change since the Industrial Revolution is 100 times greater than the natural variations since the last ice age.

Help Save the Planet this Holiday Season—Cut Down a Tree

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frank xmas trees

As someone who’s worked at The Nature Conservancy for over 15 years, I suppose you could say I’m a professional tree-hugger. In fact, a large portion of my professional life has been spent protecting forest health. So what I’m going to say next may sound a bit out of character: This holiday season, go cut down a tree. And ask your friends and family to do the same.

Is 2011’s Crazy Year in Weather Our “New Normal”?

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Climate change is helping to make extreme and wacky weather events part of a new “normal” that we need to be prepared for as best we can.

Last Saturday evening while walking to the variety show at my son’s college, snow began to fall, mixing with the puddles from the day’s rain and clinging to boots and the hems of jeans. Two hours later the world had changed. The streets of Waltham, Massachusetts were nearly impassable—not due to the few inches of snow that had accumulated, but to the branches and even whole trees that had bent and fallen into the roads.

Don’t Be Prepared

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Professionals ranging from scientists to military leaders have all concluded that our world’s climate is changing, and they are asking policy makers to start getting America ready for the impending changes.

Forest Carbon Confessions Part II

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Relationships take work, and this one takes the cake. But it’s worth it because this is really monumental. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Forest Carbon is the first big chance to measure one of nature’s benefits with a single elegant unit of measurement (carbon) that circulates around the world, just like the dollar.

Will Future Ranchers Celebrate the Story of a Sacred Tree?

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blue bull parade_567

Our pilot program in the municipality of São Félix do Xingu will provide an example to the state of Pará and to Brazil for how to count the carbon that is stored in the trees, generate revenue through payments for reducing carbon pollution, and create participatory processes to direct that revenue to places where it will have the most impact. If we are successful, perhaps future generations will have a parade, like the bumba-meu-boi parade, that celebrates the story of a rancher’s prized tree — standing tall in the Amazon — that was once cut down but later restored.

Climate Change: A Slender Hope

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Climate change is upon us. There’s a risk that the populace will jump from disbelief to despondency, with no space for the critical emotion of outrage and the determination to do what we can to prevent runaway climate change and to start planning for how we will adapt to the slower changes. The headlines are not the whole story. Let’s not give up before we start.

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