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In the News: March 21

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Landfill in Danbury Connecticut

In the News is a Planet Change selection of news, stories and images on topics relating to climate change, nature, our environment and the impacts of a changing planet. Click Continue Reading to see the stories we’ve pulled from the news…

NYC to Utilize Dump Site for Solar and Wind Power; Oil from Deepwater Horizon Enters Gulf Food Chain; Rising Sea Levels Threaten Coastal US; Colorado River Running Near Empty; VIDEO Test Drive of the Nissan Leaf; Solar, Wind and Biofuels a $246B Market; Warming Antarctic Changes Penguin Breeding Cycles.

Counting the Family Carbon

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So how does the carbon footprint living in a New Jersey suburb compare with that of living in a cabin in the woods of Maine? You’ll be surprised. Guest blogger, Craig Leisher, is halfway through a year in the woods project with his family and has some intriguing data to share.

Want to Eat Local and Reduce Carbon Pollution? Start a Front Yard Food Garden

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Creating a kitchen garden is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only do you avoid the carbon emissions of shipped food (or even driving to the store), you also replace lawn (that must be mowed, usually by a gas-powered mower) with food. But the real payoff is that first salad of the season or that perfectly ripe tomato, still warm from the sun.

Voices from the Climate Change Meetings in Bangkok

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Country delegates met the first week in April in Bangkok, Thailand for 2011’s first round of United Nations-sponsored climate negotiations. During the meetings, The Nature Conservancy caught up with a few individuals from different parts of the world, including conducting a short interview with one of the most respected voices in the international climate change policy community, Indonesia’s Agus Pornomo.

How in the World Are We Going to Pay to Clean Up the … World?

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This past week, country delegates met in Bangkok, Thailand for 2011’s first round of United Nations-sponsored climate negotiations, which will culminate with the big annual conference — this year in Durban, South Africa — in December. In Bangkok, the focus has been on how to move forward after last year’s conference in Cancún, Mexico. Key […]

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