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Marathon Climate Talks Inch Ball Forward While Climate Change Barrels Ahead

Written by Duncan Marsh on . Posted in COP17, The Wonk Room

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DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA — After negotiations that lasted into overtime by an extra day and night, governments from 194 countries meeting at the UN climate conference in Durban, South Africa have agreed to extend the Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon emissions. They also established a pathway that should lead to a more ambitious global framework for reducing emissions, and have opened the Green Climate Fund to assist developing countries’ efforts to address climate change.

“These agreements are important steps forward for global cooperation, yet it is clear that the outcomes in Durban fall well short of meeting the urgency of the climate challenge,” said Duncan Marsh, international climate policy director at The Nature Conservancy.

What the World Needs from the Climate Talks in Durban

Written by Duncan Marsh on . Posted in COP17, The Wonk Room


As governments gather in Durban, South Africa this week for the annual U.N. climate negotiations – which run through December 9 – they will face the essential business of advancing the Cancun Agreements of last December.

Cancun reached some important breakthroughs on climate finance, technology, adaptation, and protecting forests, but left many of the finer details to be worked out. This has all been happening throughout the past year, and is indeed important work, even if it does not yet reflect the ambition needed to keep our global temperature from increasing beyond 2 degrees Celsius – a dangerous threshold for climate impacts.

Don’t Be Prepared

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Professionals ranging from scientists to military leaders have all concluded that our world’s climate is changing, and they are asking policy makers to start getting America ready for the impending changes.

Working on Solutions to New Mexico’s Changing Climate

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Check out this interview with The Nature Conservancy’s Anne Bradley, forest conservation program director in the Conservancy’s New Mexico chapter.
Bradley talks about how trees can help by not only storing carbon and pulling carbon from the atmosphere but also by helping nearby communities better adapt (by, for example, helping to maintain or improve the availability of clean drinking water to people at lower elevations).

Climate Change: A Slender Hope

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Climate change is upon us. There’s a risk that the populace will jump from disbelief to despondency, with no space for the critical emotion of outrage and the determination to do what we can to prevent runaway climate change and to start planning for how we will adapt to the slower changes. The headlines are not the whole story. Let’s not give up before we start.

Facing the Floods, Finding Resiliency

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Babcock Ranch

With extreme floods currently threatening communities along the Mississippi, The Nature Conservancy in Louisiana’s executive director Dr. Keith Ouchley is forced to think about the events in Louisiana of only the past several years – epic hurricanes, an oil spill of historic proportions, and now a raging flood on the nation’s largest river of which the likes hadn’t been seen in nearly 100 years.

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