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Scientists Search for Healthy Forest on Amazon Frontier: Xingu Field Notes: PART ONE

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DSCN3035_Xingu tree Mar2012_Oliverio Cortez

In the first of a four-part series, Bronson Griscom, a Conservancy forest carbon scientist, brings us along on a trek through northern Brazil’s Amazon frontier, where patches of remaining rainforest – interspersed with cattle ranches – may hold the seeds for the future. Check out the video clips to join in the adventure.

Forest Carbon Confessions Part II

Written by Bronson Griscom on . Posted in Learn


Relationships take work, and this one takes the cake. But it’s worth it because this is really monumental. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Forest Carbon is the first big chance to measure one of nature’s benefits with a single elegant unit of measurement (carbon) that circulates around the world, just like the dollar.

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