Climate Change News: Business Prioritizes Climate Change, Lake Tahoe Warms and a New Supercomputer

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Climate Change in the News is a Planet Change selection of the latest news on climate change, our environment and the impacts of a changing planet. Here’s what we’ve found and are reading. Tell us what interesting news has hit your screens this week.

Climate Change Among Top Sustainability Priorities for Business
Human rights, workers’ rights and climate change are the top three sustainability priorities for companies in the coming year, according to a poll of 500 business leaders. Company executives said their primary challenges for climate sustainability include effectively coordinating business units, establishing an effective strategy, scaling up projects globally and gaining resource commitments from senior management. (Environmental Leader)

Sea Level Rising Faster Than Average in Northeastern U.S.
Sea level is rising all over the world thanks to the heat-trapping effect of greenhouse-gas emissions, but according to a new study published in the Journal of Coastal Research, the northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada have seen the ocean rise at an accelerating rate in recent decades. (Climate Central)

REPORT: Climate Change and Older Americans
Older adults make up 13% of the U.S. population, but are projected to account for 20% by 2040. Coinciding with this demographic shift, the rate of climate change is accelerating, bringing rising temperatures; increased risk of floods, droughts, and wildfires; stronger tropical storms and hurricanes; rising sea levels; and other climate-related hazards. The report assesses the vulnerability of older Americans to climate change and identifies opportunities for adaptation. (Environmental Health Perspectives)

PEW POLL: Less Than 50% of Americans Connect Climate Change to Human Activity
Recent polling conducted by the Pew Research Center suggests that a greater number of people in the U.S. are accepting the reality of climate change. 67 percent of Americans said that there is “solid evidence” that average global temperatures have been rising in recent decades. Yet only 42 percent say this warming is “mostly caused by human activity,” according to Pew. (Huffington Post Green)

Effects of Climate Change Seen on Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe is one of hundreds of lakes around the world in the midst of a warming trend. The effects of climate change are starting to complicate efforts to maintain the lake’s relatively pristine state, putting Tahoe’s sapphire blue water and its overall ecological health at risk. (National Geographic)

World’s Fastest Supercomputer For Climate Research Online
Climate change research is getting a huge boost from one of the world’s fastest supercomputers and a new center dedicated to advancing the state of weather and climate science. U.S. scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) are now using ”Yellowstone” - it can crunch numbers 30 times faster, allowing them to run much more complex experiments and create much more detailed computer models of extreme weather and warming trends than previously possible.  (

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Photo credits: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Northeast Region (Cape Cod Coast) and Ru Tover (Lake Tahoe) via Flickr Creative Commons License

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