In the News: VIDEO Extreme Weather Linked to Changes in Arctic Ice

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VIDEO: Extreme Weather Linked to Changes in Arctic Ice and the Jet Stream Impact
One of the most confounding effects of climate change involves the increasing incidence of weather extremes that may include hot and cold. And snow and rain, and wet and dry, and drought and flooding. Scientists have been examining this situation intensely over recent years, and one of the leaders in this research has now published a study that supports what a number of scientists have suspected for some time — that changes in the northern polar ice are having dramatic effects on the course of the jet stream. Interesting video is well worth a watch. (Yale Climate Media Forum)

Asian Development Bank Urges Action on Climate Change
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) urged countries in the Asia-Pacific region to take immediate action to reduce the negative impact of climate change. A new ADB study, unveiled during the bank’s 45th annual meeting in Manila, calls for governments in the region to create a carbon market, phase out pervasive fossil fuel subsidies and to establish an Asian free-trade zone for high-impact, low-carbon technologies and services. (UPI)

MIT Study Shows that Sustainability is Profitable
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology issued its third annual Sustainability and Innovation Global Executive Study. The overall results show that more companies are taking sustainability seriously and are even benefiting financially from sustainable business practices. The report demonstrates that while Europe may be the overall sustainability leader, emerging markets hold their own, and that more progressive organizations, or “harvesters,” are leading the way in making the business case of sustainability. (Triple Pundit)

Whole Foods Stops Selling Unsustainable Seafood
Whole Foods recently became the first major North American retailer to stop selling unsustainable, or red-listed, seafood.  The red listing, as determined by the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Blue Ocean Institute, indicates that the fish species is being overfished or that current fishing methods harm non-target marine life or habitats.  Fish that’ll no longer be available: gray sole, skate, Atlantic cod (trawl-caught), Atlantic halibut, octopus, sturgeon, tautog, turbot, imported wild shrimp, and several species of tuna.  (NRDC Switchboard)

First Solar Project on Public Lands Begins to Deliver Power
The Silver State North Solar Project on the California border near Primm, Nevada began generating electricity. It is the first-ever solar project sited on public lands to be completed and produce power. The 50-megawatt project, which was developed by First Solar and owned by Enbridge, will power approximately 9,000 homes and employed 380 workers at peak construction. (Think Progress)

Stephanie Hedean is a Strategic Marketing and Communications Consultant and a Volunteer at The Nature Conservancy.

Credits: Yale Climate Media Forum (VIDEO Weird  Winter Mad March Part 2); Tami A. Heilemann (Silver State North Solar Project).


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