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In the News is a Planet Change selection of news, stories and images on topics relating to climate change, nature, our environment and the impacts of a changing planet.

10 Global Green Cities
These 10 cities are among the world’s greenest, encompassing all of the positive qualities that make urban living much more healthy, pleasant and sensitive to nearby ecosystems. #1 is Reykjavik, Iceland – for the remaining top 10 read the complete story on Mother Nature Network (

Before and After: Images of the Southwest Drought From Space
Satellite images from the United States Geological Survey and aerial photos show just how drastically the drought has altered the landscape of Texas and the American Southwest over time, from dried up lakes to dead trees. See the complete PBS NewsHour Coping With Climate Change Series here.

EPA Says Montana Plants Need $90M in Upgrades to Clear Park Air
A proposed cleanup of Montana air pollution would force three industrial plants to spend $90 million on measures to improve visibility in some of the nation’s prized public lands, including Yellowstone and Theodore Roosevelt National Parks. Read more at the

Link Builds Between Weather Extremes and Warming
Extreme weather events over the past decade have increased and were “very likely” caused by man made global warming, a study in the journal Nature Climate Change. By Nina Chestney, Reuters.

Perpetual Ocean – Visualizing Global Currents! (HYPNOTIC VIDEO)
A group of NASA scientists and animators put together this animation of the world’s ocean surface currents, based on ocean flow data for June 2005 to December 2007. Originally posted by

New Tool to Access Global Freshwater Stress
A new method to make better use of vast amounts of data related to global geography, population and climate may help determine the relative importance of population increases vs. climate change. Read more at Science Daily.

P&G CEO: Consumers Won’t Pay More For Green. Are You One of the 15% That Will?
While consumers care about the environment most of them are not willing to pay more for products that are environmentally sustainable says Proctor & Gamble CEO Robert McDonald at WSJ’s 2012 ECO:nomics conference. Watch the VIDEO at

McDonald’s Move to Replace Foam Cups With Paper
McDonald’s is doing a replacement test in which they’re swapping out polystyrene cups for paper cups in 2,000 restaurants across America. Read the complete story on Mother Nature Network (

Finding ‘Point Nemo’
The Pacific Ocean’s Pole of Inaccessibility, aka Point Nemo, is 1,670 miles from the nearest land. It’s the furthest you can get from terrestrial life forms without launching yourself into space. More at

Stephanie Hedean is a Strategic Marketing and Communications Consultant and a Volunteer at The Nature Conservancy.

Photo by: Flickr user Stephen_AU(used under a Creative Commons license). Video by: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio.


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