Cincinnati Urges EPA to Reduce Carbon Pollution

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The Cincinnati City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to pass a resolution urging the EPA to reduce carbon pollution under the Clean Air Act. The measure cited scientific consensus labeling carbon pollution as a public health threat and the city’s ongoing commitment to sustainability as reasons to act.

“We are making great strides toward a ‘greener’ City with our Green Cincinnati Plan,” said Councilmember Quinlivan, who serves as the council’s green chair.  “To continue to work tirelessly for improved air quality in our region and nationwide, we must also send a strong message of full support for the Clean Air Act to the EPA.  I am proud that my colleagues sent this message by passing the resolution.”

The EPA is required to periodically update the Clean Air Act to reflect current scientific understand of the threats to public health from pollution.

“For decades, scientists have warned that carbon pollution fuels global warming. Here in Cincinnati, hotter summer days trigger poor air quality that makes it tougher for kids to breathe,” said Matt Caffrey, Field Associate for Environment Ohio. “Global warming is also loading the dice for more extreme weather events that pose an increasingly harmful threat to local communities.”

Despite the Clean Air Act’s strong track record of improving public health, the US House of Representatives has passed a series of bills aimed at gutting EPA’s ability to enforce the Clean Air Act. Environmental and public health advocates expect further attempts to block the EPA’s efforts in the coming months.

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