Your Climate Stories: Toni Hoffman Stands Up to California’s Poor Air Quality

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Name: Toni Hoffman

Location: Shafter, CA
















Living in the southern San Joaquin Valley of California, air quality and sufficient water are daily issues.  This region has the worst air pollution (fine particulate matter) in the country.  The Sierra Nevada and the Coastal Range  mountains are both within 50 miles, but can hardly be seen during the poor air-quality summer months.

As I am retired, I use my car very sparingly, averaging less than 1,500 miles per year.  I’m also VERY frugal with water and electricity and am a vegetarian for both ethical and conservation reasons (a pound of beef is reported to require 1,780 gallons of water to produce).  Fortunately, the Central Valley is America’s vast salad bowl, producing almost one half of all fruits and vegetables for the U.S., so it is easy to buy local produce and nuts.  If I lived in a house, I’d have a vegetable and herb garden, fruit trees, and do rainwater collection, along with solar panels.

My apartment was built in 2007 and is well insulated and fairly energy-efficient, as required by California’s building standards (yes, I believe firmly in the government’s ability to affect positive change through regulation).

Last week a young man in a retail grocery store couldn’t understand why I made a special trip back to my car to get cloth bags for my purchases.  He did not know that plastic is made from petroleum and seemed unfazed by the information. I despair at the inability of people (particularly in the U.S.) to connect the rash of climate castastrophes (F5 tornadoes, extreme drought, massive wild fires, record-breaking floods) of recent years to their own actions (driving 12 mpg trucks, eating meat 7 days a week, our mega-consume-and-dispose culture).

I will be dead when the full effects of our dismissal of climate science rages in, but the young man in the grocery store won’t be.  Neither will your children or grandchildren.

Photo courtesy of Lincoln Adams via Flickr Creative Commons (Whoa, check out the smog!).

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