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Tomorrow, The Nature Conservancy and The New York Academy of Sciences launch a four-part “Discourses on Nature and Society” event series with a moderated panel discussion Energy for the Next 20 Years: Protecting the Environment and Meeting Our Demands from 6:30p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at The New York  Academy of Sciences.

As global energy consumption and the world’s total carbon emissions continue to grow, and dams – the planet’s leading source of renewable energy – too often devastate river ecosystems and the people who depend on them, how can we meet humanity’s increasing energy demands without destroying the environment?

Experts on wind, nuclear, hydro power, and other energy forms – including Joe Fargione (pictured left), lead scientist for The Nature Conservancy’s North America Region; Jeff Opperman (pictured right), fresh water scientist for The Nature Conservancy; Stewart Brand of the Long Now Foundation and Whole Earth Catalog fame; Jesse Jenkins from the Breakthrough Institute and Arne Jungiohann from the Heinrich Boell Institute – will debate the paths forward. David Roberts, energy and climate reporter for, will moderate the discussion.

Speakers will discuss potential solutions to the energy crisis, including conservation, base-load capable renewables, politically palatable nuclear energy, and carbon capture and storage, as well as price differentials between renewable and fossil fuels, nuclear energy storage and proliferation, the need for new biofuels, and the potential increase in hydro power in the developed and developing world.

“Creating a durable relationship between ourselves and nature has to be based in science, and that’s why we’re looking forward to discussing topics of moment such as sustainable energy with the audience at the Academy,” Kareiva said.

Other upcoming events in this series:
Creating the Next Conservation Movement—Or Do We Even Need One?, February 23, 2012
Nature and the City: What Good is Urban Conservation?, April 16, 2012
Beyond Ideology: How Should We Feed Ourselves if We Care About Nature?, May 8, 2012

Tickets can be purchased here.

Stephanie Hedean is a Marketing Consultant and volunteer for The Nature Conservancy.

Photos: Joe Fargione is lead scientist for The Nature Conservancy’s North America Region; Jeff Opperman is senior freshwater scientist for The Nature Conservancy. Copyright, The Nature Conservancy.

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    WE have NOT needed gasoline since 1969 SEE my comments @ PESWiki / CLaNZeR mike peine The Vgate WORKS ! SEE HOW to build a FREE ENERGY DEVICE TOY just to prove it then to power a cars alternator @ 900rpm drawing 126 watts powers voice coils 90lbs push / pull force @2″ stroke powers small engine NO FUELS just magnets.


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