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Study: People’s Carbon Pollution Not Only Changing the Atmosphere But Also the Oceans

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Coral gardens in reef pool, Palmyra Atoll.

A Nature Conservancy marine scientist has co-authored a new study that isolates the effects of human-generated carbon pollution from seasonal and regional variations in ocean chemistry. The findings indicate that the oceans are rapidly becoming more acidic, and in some regions, the man-made rate of change since the Industrial Revolution is 100 times greater than the natural variations since the last ice age.

‘Hidden Risk’: Mercury Pollution’s Costs to Wildlife and People

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Mercury pollution — nothing to worry about if I don’t live in the rural Northeast and don’t eat tons of fish, right?

Guess again, says a new report done by the Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI) in conjunction with The Nature Conservancy. The report, “Hidden Risk,” details the wide spread and deep impacts of mercury pollution in terrestrial nature — particularly on animals such as songbirds and bats.

Just 20 Inches Could Make a Disastrous Difference

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chris shepard_crop CGS

A new study in the journal Natural Hazards co-authored by Conservancy fellow Christine Shepard (left) takes a look at how people and property on the southern shores of Long Island might be affected with an increase in sea levels about as high as an English Springer Spaniel is tall. This scenario suggests 73 percent more property losses from a mid-sized hurricane — and this is a conservative estimate of what may lie ahead. Damages per property rises with the depth of water, but mapping future sea levels can help people to prepare.

The Pleasure of Local Fruits in Winter

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Unfortunately for me and people that share my seasonal obsessions, while soup and chili are comforting traditions, winter is a downtime for fresh fruit. But I have found a way to relive the memories of fun family outings for fresh-picked fruit by having them make an encore in my holiday plans.

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