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Forest Carbon Confessions Part II

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Relationships take work, and this one takes the cake. But it’s worth it because this is really monumental. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Forest Carbon is the first big chance to measure one of nature’s benefits with a single elegant unit of measurement (carbon) that circulates around the world, just like the dollar.

What Does Blue Carbon Look Like?

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Blue carbon sinks could be just as important as forests when it comes to managing our global carbon emissions, according to a new study by Nature Conservancy scientist Elizabeth Mcleod and published in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. But Mcleod and her co-authors say science needs to learn a lot quickly about blue carbon sinks — because they’re disappearing fast.

Karen Wayland Brings Policy Insight to The Nature Conservancy

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I interviewed The Nature Conservancy’s new Director of Climate Change Policy, Karen Wayland, about what she thinks the Conservancy brings to the current environment of U.S. and international climate policy. She also talked about her experience working on Capitol Hill as senior advisor on energy and the environment with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi […]

Forest Thinning in Arizona Wildfires Likely Saved Many Homes and Dollars

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In the heat of the recent Wallow Fire, now Arizona’s largest fire on record, Sue Sitko, The Nature Conservancy’s Northern Arizona Conservation Manager, was granted access to visit some local towns that were directly threatened by the fire. Much of the forested area around these towns had been thinned as part of the White Mountain […]

Carbon Dioxide Emissions = More Warming = More Extreme Weather

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This post was originally published at the National Journal’s Energy & Environmental Experts blog as a response to the question: Does global warming increase the risk of extreme weather? The science is clear: Warmer temperatures accommodate more water vapor in the atmosphere. This in turn leads to more instability and increased risk of extreme storms […]

Working on Solutions to New Mexico’s Changing Climate

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Check out this interview with The Nature Conservancy’s Anne Bradley, forest conservation program director in the Conservancy’s New Mexico chapter.
Bradley talks about how trees can help by not only storing carbon and pulling carbon from the atmosphere but also by helping nearby communities better adapt (by, for example, helping to maintain or improve the availability of clean drinking water to people at lower elevations).

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