Which Ocean Celebrity Are You?

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You may remember our discussion of how oceans, and coral reefs in particular, have a larger impact on our lives than we might think. You may also remember that carbon pollution is threatening the health of our oceans and the reefs.

Well, today is World Oceans Day and The Nature Conservancy’s Lead Scientist M. Sanjayan has a blog up on Huffington Post talking about how oceans benefit us all in many every-day ways and providing you with a list of five things you can do to give back to our oceans in thanks to all the things they give us (high protein foods; ingredients for toothpaste, allergy medicines, and sunblock to name a few; and of course sunny days at the beach).

The Conservancy is also having a little fun with World Oceans Day. Check out our new online quiz to find out what type of ocean lover you are and to determine your celebrity ocean character match.

And after you find out what ocean celebrity you are, share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and challenge them to take the quiz too.

Have a great World Oceans Day everyone!

Matt Barrett is a communications manager and blogger at The Nature Conservancy

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