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What Happened at the Most Recent International Climate Talks in Bonn, Germany?

Written by Paul Mackie on . Posted in Learn, The Wonk Room

Duncan Marsh, international climate policy director from The Nature Conservancy, considers forest carbon and disaster preparedness in a recent interview from Bonn, Germany on Climate Change TV. He explains how rich and poor countries are facing different challenges in the forest sector and how insurance is taking on added importance for us all as we […]

Will Future Ranchers Celebrate the Story of a Sacred Tree?

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blue bull parade_567

Our pilot program in the municipality of São Félix do Xingu will provide an example to the state of Pará and to Brazil for how to count the carbon that is stored in the trees, generate revenue through payments for reducing carbon pollution, and create participatory processes to direct that revenue to places where it will have the most impact. If we are successful, perhaps future generations will have a parade, like the bumba-meu-boi parade, that celebrates the story of a rancher’s prized tree — standing tall in the Amazon — that was once cut down but later restored.

Climate Change: A Slender Hope

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Climate change is upon us. There’s a risk that the populace will jump from disbelief to despondency, with no space for the critical emotion of outrage and the determination to do what we can to prevent runaway climate change and to start planning for how we will adapt to the slower changes. The headlines are not the whole story. Let’s not give up before we start.

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