How in the World Are We Going to Pay to Clean Up the … World?

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This past week, country delegates met in Bangkok, Thailand for 2011’s first round of United Nations-sponsored climate negotiations, which will culminate with the big annual conference — this year in Durban, South Africa — in December.

In Bangkok, the focus has been on how to move forward after last year’s conference in Cancún, Mexico. Key questions on the table include the future of the Kyoto Protocol, as the end date of its first commitment period (2012) nears, as well as how to structure a new global Green Fund that could ultimately manage $5 billion to $10 billion annually to prepare people for our changing environment.

Check out this video of The Nature Conservancy’s Jorge Gastelumendi, who has been in Bangkok this week attending the negotiations. He provides a general overview of the meetings and the progress of the Green Fund and where international discussions are focused at the moment.

Matt Barrett is marketing manager for climate change at The Nature Conservancy

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