Packers Not the Only Winners at Green Super Bowl in Texas

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It requires a lot of energy to power the Super Bowl. And Laura Huffman of The Nature Conservancy in Texas appeared on EnergyNow to discuss how more big-time sporting events and companies in general should follow the lead of the great care that went into environmental planning for Super Bowl XLV in Dallas.

Most people don’t think of football and the environment in the same breath. So anytime we can make a cross-connection with a group or an entity that isn’t usually considered in the environmental bandwidth, I think it’s important,” Huffman said during the web-based news interview. “I think it’s important that so many people heard about the things that [the NFL] did, in order to ‘green up’ the Super Bowl. I also think that it’s important that they expressed this as part of their values.”

The short video above includes Huffman’s interview and stats on energy and fuel use at this year’s Super Bowl.

Paul Mackie is associate director of strategic communications for climate change at The Nature Conservancy

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