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COP 16 ended in Cancun, Mexico early Saturday morning with a dramatic finish that produced a better result than many expected. Throughout the UN Climate Change Conference, The Nature Conservancy, through Planet Change, provided coverage and analysis of the events with posts ranging from analysis on efforts to reduce deforestation to personal stories reflecting on the effects of climate change all around us.

Below is a list of the major posts we featured throughout COP 16.

Let’s Make a Deal: Compromise and Clarity in Cancun
Trust is regained in a dramatic early-morning climax at the UN climate change conference in Mexico.

An Inside Look at the Final Night of Climate Negotiations
Not only does the global community have a way forward towards solving climate change, but I’m going to swim in the turquoise ocean of Cancun for the first time since I got here two weeks ago.

Live Chat from Cancun With Andrew Deutz and Frank Lowenstein
Andrew Deutz, The Nature Conservancy’s director of international government relations, and Frank Lowenstein, the Conservancy’s climate adaptation strategy leader, took questions on the successes, failures, and surprises of the negotiations.

Video: Cancun as a Symbol for All that is at Stake in the Climate Change Fight
Frank Lowenstein describes Cancun as a microcosm for the climate change problem and saves some baby sea turtles.

Cancun Negotiators Working Toward Design of Global Climate Fund
From the UN conference in Cancun, The Nature Conservancy calls for urgent funding to tackle the climate-change problem on the ground.

So, what is REDD, Anyway?
There’s a lot of talk about REDD at the United Nations climate change conference in Cancun, but what does this concept of conserving forests to fight climate change really mean?

Video: Daryl Hannah Speaks Out to Protect Our Climate
Movie star Daryl Hannah tells The Nature Conservancy, in a short film, that people around the world can heighten their awareness about the critical state of our oceans and climate.

Video: Forests Could Provide Highlight of Cancún Climate Results
Solid lessons learned from The Nature Conservancy’s work on the ground – in the forests – will hopefully translate into strong policy results at the UN climate change conference.

Video: Working with Local People Key to Protecting Forests
Sarene Marshall discusses, in a short video, the importance of working closely on forest issues with indigenous peoples.

Video: Sunny Cancún is Ironically All Business
Andrew Deutz is videotaped discussing how the sun and the beaches — and the sprawling layout — are not keeping climate-change negotiators from getting down to business in Cancún.

Food and Water Security Growing Urgent as Climate Talks Proceed
New technology must be combined with the on-the-ground knowledge of farmers.

Top 10 Reasons Why Forests Matter
Two of The Nature Conservancy’s leading forest experts, Jeff Fiedler and Frank Lowenstein, prove that everyone loves lists, even climate scientists.

Video: “Coolest” Google Product May Bring New Era in Forest Protection
A Google event today at the global climate talks in Cancún featured the release of a new technology called Google Earth Engine. Michelle Passero of The Nature Conservancy gives her reaction in a short video.

Funding Now Critical to Shielding Us From Impacts of Climate Change
Sarene Marshall appears on the Washington Post’s Live Chat series to discuss what’s happening at the UN climate change conference.

Floors, Doors, and Furniture Have a Friend in “Responsible Asia Forestry and Trade” Program
You may not hear a tree that falls in the forests of Asia-Pacific, but you feel its loss — we all do. There’s an almost incomprehensibly vast network of people, stretching across our globe, who affect — and are affected by — these forests.

Video: What is the Future of the Kyoto Protocol?
Much of the debate coming into Cancún has been on the future of the Kyoto Protocol, which was negotiated back in 1997 and features emissions-reduction commitments from developed countries. The problem: 1997 is hardly still relevant to the 2010 talks.

Video: Leadership on Climate Possible from Brazil, Mexico, U.S., Others
Duncan Marsh, director of international climate policy for The Nature Conservancy, discusses the need for leadership headed into the UN climate change conference in Cancún, Mexico.

Cancún Talks Set to Further Local and Global Solutions to Climate Change
This year’s United Nations climate conference in Cancún, Mexico is about getting a few base hits to restore confidence in the international negotiating process on climate change, rather than swinging for the bleachers.

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