Daryl Hannah Speaks Out to Protect Our Climate

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The Nature Conservancy co-hosted an event Tuesday night at the UN climate talks that helped launch the new “Mesoamerican Reef Report Card.”

Based on the survey of 130 reefs in the barrier chain – along the coast of Mexico, Belize, and Honduras – the report card finds that only 9 percent of the reefs in the Mesoamerican reef system are in “very good” or  “good” condition. Forty percent are in “poor” and an alarming 30 percent are in “critical” condition.

The Mesoamerican reef report card also reveals that 62 percent of the 50 core sites that were evaluated in 2006 and again in 2009 have declined in health.

On that uplifting note, Hollywood legend Daryl Hannah (star of movie classics such as Splash, Blade Runner, Kill Bill, Wall Street, and Roxanne) attended to give a short presentation on her love of reefs, with a call to action for people around the world to heighten their awareness about the critic state of our oceans.

In the short video above, Hannah talks passionately to The Nature Conservancy about the need to “give the fish a break” and “stop eating them for a while,” along with other measures people can use to play a role in reducing the myriad problems being caused by climate change.

The event was also hosted by World Wildlife Fund, Healthy Reef for Healthy People, TckTckTck, and Harmony.

Video by: Paul Mackie/The Nature Conservancy

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