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These are our horns. We will toot them once.

We know it’s unseemly to toot our own horn, but we just can’t help ourselves: Planet Change got two Halloween treats over the weekend, with a post on Marc Gunther’s Business of Sustainability blog and a post on the climate and energy blog Brown loves Green.

Gunther, a contributing editor at Fortune magazine and veteran journalist and speaker, blogs about corporate social responsibility and how “going green” can be a source of innovation for businesses.

In a news round-up leading into a post on geoengineering, Gunther included a link to a Planet Change feature collecting videos to be sent to United Nations climate negotiators during meetings in Cancun in early December. The post includes our “This is not a vacation” poster and link inviting people to submit videos calling for action on climate change.

“Yes, it has come to this:,” Gunther writes. “So futile are the UN’s efforts to bring about a global climate treaty that environmentalists have to reassure people that there’s more to COP16 than sand and surf.”

Gunther goes on to discuss new calls for the U.S. and U.N. to research geoengineering: large-scale modification of the earth’s climate systems as a last-resort to counteract climate change.

You have to wonder: Instead of launching some massive global engineering experiment that would require lots of money, research and coordination between nations, wouldn’t it be better if we could actually make progress in Cancun to stop climate change? For example, by reducing our emissions from cutting forests and burning fossil fuels?

In her post on Brown Loves Green, Lindsay Brown uses the This Is Not a Vacation campaign to reinforce her own calls for climate change action.

“Our world cannot continue down such a dangerous path. We cannot continue to defend our current model of global production and consumption, and we certainly cannot disregard scientific evidence,” she writes. “If these old policies prevail, the planet will edge ever closer to catastrophe.”

We want to thank Marc and Lindsay for covering Planet Change!

Post by: Lisa Hayden, climate change writer, The Nature Conservancy

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