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  • Dr. Marvin J. Sheffield


    Dear Leaders,
    Your efforts to contain and diminish ongoing global Warming are extremely important!
    First of all there are massive droughts and also alternating periods of excessive rainfall, all of which will affect Humanity when Agricultural crops will suffer from such changes and adversely affect food production for millions of people.
    Ocean levels will rise and cause millions of people to relocate higher and more inland from their previous homes with the loss of arable land that they depend upon. Continued Global Warming will cause crop failures and also result in Fish species to migrate northward in attempts to find ocean food sources these species depend upon. Krill is an important food source for many fish, which in turn are species often consumed by humans as a food staple.
    Other affects are the loss of plant pollinators which will also affect crop production, and lastly but not least will be the loss of important Plant species and also the loss of mammalian and avian birdlife species of importance for maintaining a healthy ecosystem
    We humans are mammals too, and we depend upon healthy ecosystems for our children and for
    ourselves and the animals we depend upon for populating our farms; and along with the Forest trees that we depend upon for building purposes as well as recreation! Increased warming has been shown to increase the number of insect pests that destroy trees, and currently we are losing important tree species as a result.
    We must do all that we can to contain the progression of Global Warming, for the sake of the Entire World.


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