The Nature Conservancy Makes Contribution to Preserve California’s Model Climate Law

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Climate change is the critical issue for the environmental community to address – and we have to move quickly. In recent years, we have seen little progress in either international or national fronts toward addressing climate change and its impacts on the environment and our communities.

In reality, California’s efforts to implement Assembly Bill 32 represent the only active forum today where actions are being taken to reduce greenhouse gases and address this grave threat to our quality of life. That’s why we at The Nature Conservancy have decided to make a significant contribution of $800,000 to the NO Campaign on California’s Proposition 23.

Proposition 23 is a ballot initiative is being promoted by out-of-state special interests that seek to overturn AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act that was passed with bi-partisan support in 2006. If this initiative were to pass it would bring California’s efforts to a halt and send a troubling sign for the need for urgent progress on a national and international basis to address climate change.

We believe, and polling shows, that Californians recognize the importance of this effort. The Conservancy hopes that our involvement in this campaign will help broaden understanding about the urgency of addressing climate change – and that achieving successful outcomes in California could catalyze action around the world. Additionally, AB 32 has already proven to be an asset in driving investment in green jobs in California that will be an increasingly important part of our economy.

In opposing Proposition 23, we join a wide and bi-partisan coalition that includes businesses from the Silicon Valley to San Diego, representatives of low-income communities, health providers, other environmental groups, and the American Lung Association, to name just a few. We urge California members to join in our efforts and vote NO on Proposition 23.

Post by: Mike Sweeney, California executive director, The Nature Conservancy

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  • Paul K


    I am a long term member of the Nature Conservancy and a Legacy Club donor, but I am convinced that all serious environmentalist in North America and Western Europe must insist that developing countries take advantage of modern technology to clean up their environment,just as we have. 150 years ago, when the US was industrializing, we did not have the ability to do better, now we do; AND IF WE DO, THEN CHINA AND OTHERS has the ability to do so, as well. Their technology is just as good as ours is. We can not let them “off the hook.” If we are serious about this planets protection, then we must convince all polluters to meet higher standards. Only, then will we get the support of the American people and be able to convince others of the critical nature of the problem.


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