Why You Can Feel Less Guilt About Eating That Nestlé Chocolate Bar

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The massive Swiss-based company Nestlé appears committed to removing bad tree-cutting from the production process of all its products. This would be an amazing accomplishment simply because of the sheer range of its products, which includes everything from coffee to Lean Cuisine dinners to Butterfingers.

According to Nestlé’s partners at non-profit The Forest Trust, the company has begun its quest toward zero-percent deforestation on the ground at oil-palm plantations. From headquarters all the way to the ground, land-management practices throughout Nestlé’s supply chain are changing through the implementation of their “non-negotiable, minimum-standard” Responsible Sourcing Guidelines for all suppliers, employees, agents, and subcontractors.

Post by: Paul Mackie, The Nature Conservancy

Source: Mongabay

(image: Flickr user danielweiresq, used under a creative commons license)

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