Challenge: Let’s Go on a Carbon Diet

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The average American family of four has a carbon footprint of 110 tons of CO2 equivalent per year. That’s more than four times the global average.

No matter how you slice it, Americans need to go on a carbon diet. Fortunately, taking measurable action isn’t hard.  We have the technology people, and t doesn’t necessarily mean living in a cave and eating raw vegetables. (But if that’s your thing, go for it.)

You can make a difference by changing your light bulbs, adjusting your thermostat, carpooling or using public transportation — even eating less meat.

So here’s the challenge:

1. Get an estimate of your (or your family’s) carbon footprint using The Nature Conservancy’s carbon footprint calculator.

2. Find an area where your score could be improved. (For me, it’s home energy use — too many gadgets!)

3. In the comments section below record how you plan to go on a carbon diet and reduce your impact.

4. Check in every once in awhile and let us know how you’re doing.

If we all work collectively to make a difference in our own lives, it could add up to a nationwide carbon diet.

Post by: Dave Connell, The Nature Conservancy.

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