Climate Change Basics: Adapting to Impacts

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Climate change is happening now, and both people and nature are feeling the heat.  But, around the world, people are finding ways to adapt to the impacts — like planting heat resilient crops and maintaining natural floodplains and coastal marshes to protect against sea-level rise. People are also helping to safeguard habitats to ensure that nature continues to provide us with the essentials we need—like clean drinking water, food and medicine.

Healthy natural areas—forests, coral reefs, marshes and grasslands – are less likely to be damaged by the impacts of climate change and if they are, the effects may be less severe. This can mean life or death for some of the most vulnerable communities around the world who depend upon nature for their survival.  So, by helping nature, we are actually helping ourselves.

Working around the globe— from Alaska to Papua New Guinea –  The Nature Conservancy is pioneering natural solutions to the impacts of climate change.

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